This is what photographers say when the images are taken from the camera card without manipulation in Photoshop or Lightroom. SOOC, Straight Out Of Camera.

These images are from a quick session with a high school senior I photographed last night. We had a beautiful day and we took advantage of that.

I can’t wait to see what they look like after they have been retouched. Tell me what you think.

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Summer Time

Spring is coming and outdoor portrait season. We’re looking forward to working with high school seniors from all the area high schools. Excited to implement some new styles for the class of 2018. If you have a student who will be needing graduation photos made this year, give us a call. We’ve been leading the stateline area in top quality portrait services for almost three decades, and we’re still the tops. Others may copy, but there is only one original. Call us at 608-751-5026.


Lady Vikings

WE put together this composite for the girls varsity softball team from Janesville Parker high school. We were finishing up the softball program photos and the girls asked if I could do a composite for them. Sure, no problem. They came up with the idea of how they wanted to poses to look.

I like a more classic look to the collages I make. Some people like to throw all kinds of graphics into the mix. Some do them well, but a lot of them I see are too cluttered for my taste. Less is more.Softball Collage

Hang a Little Love on Your Wall

There is nothing better than family time. I recently saw a video posted on facebook. It showed couples from various parts of the world, mostly Europe and the US. A question was asked by the person behind the camera, “If you could have dinner with any person in the world, anyone at all who lives on the earth or who has lived on the earth, who would you choose to have dinner with”?

It was interesting to see how people thought and then named this person or that person, most often the couples couldn’t agree on who they would sit down to dinner with. As the video showed more and more couples, the theme seemed to be the same, after thinking for a bit, the name of someone famous or a movie star would pop out, and then, disqualify that name and name another.

After several minutes, the video then changes gears and the children of the couples are brought in to be interviewed as their parents watched on a monitor from another room. The children were asked the same question posed to their parents earlier. “If you could have dinner with any person in the world, past or present, who would you choose to have dinner with?”

The parents sat in delight and embarrassment as each of the children responded without hesitation, “My Family”.

Sometimes we all need a little reminder of what are the most important things in life.

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Flanders Fam

A Boy and His Cat!

Hookstead_Payton FBPayton and I were having fun at his home. We were making for him some great senior portraits. With is mom looking on, one of the farm cats was interested in the action, but only intermittently. She popped in and out of the set, photobombing at will. Payton is a home school student and an accomplished archer, among other talents.

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Horse Play

This Janesville Craig student had some of her High School Senior Portraits made with her magnificent animals. Beautiful horses and very well trained. It’s a real pleasure to work in the outdoors with great subjects such as these. For information about our very affordable location Senior Portrait options, call us at 608-365-0236. Visit our web site hereHaling_Caycee 090 Haling_Caycee 098 Haling_Caycee 105 Haling_Caycee 112 Haling_Caycee 124.

Fitness Is Life

This was a fun session with James. There is no lack of motivation for this man. From his workout schedule to his meal plan, his fitness program is a huge part of his life. These kind of results don’t happen by mistake. A blending of James’s dedication to understanding fitness and my dedication to the understanding of lighting lead to these great photographs. Contact us for your fitness session.

Fit 10

Fit 15 Fit 8 Fit 7