Complex Componex Components

Try saying that 5 times fast.

I just finished another commercial project for Componex, a manufacturer out of Edgerton Wisconsin. They make Idler Shafts for all kinds of industry. Featured in the image are three versions of an Idler Shaft, one with a Winertia Through Shaft that lives inside the Idler Shaft and goes the full length of the Idler Shaft. The problem with a Through Shaft is that they are heavy and cost a lot. There’s a lot of material there. The weight actually causes the Idler Shaft to flex and that’s not good for whatever material you are trying to keep straight though a series of shafts. Imagine paper or cellophane being rolled out in thin rolls, 12 feet wide by hundreds of feet long. A flex in the Shafts can cause all kinds of problems.

Componex came up with two new ideas. The Winertia Hub Stub and the Winertia Nub stub. As you can see they support the bearings on each end of the Idler Shaft and eliminate the heavy weight of the Through Shaft. Simple but effective.

My job was to make a comparison between all three. This will go up on their web site and also be used for display at trade shows and for printed advertising.

You can see in the “Before Photo” how the parts were brought to me for this project.    The final image was a compilation of over 100 photographs. It was a very complex project but I think we nailed it. What do you think?

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