Family Pictures Wisconsin Illinois

We love doing fine family pictures. We have openings for your family picture session in September and October. Specials on Saturday evenings offer great discounts on session and prints. Call us at 608-751-5026 or 608-365-0236 so set up your appointment. You can also email us at

The family shown in this post had a recent session. Tracy’s daughters made all the arrangements as a way to say “We Love You” to their mother who is going though a tough time. I made some suggestions for some beautiful outdoor settings and we decided on a place and the time to meet. The weather cooperated and the plan went off like clockwork. Outdoor pictures don’t always happen the way we would like then to, especially here in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. We always keep an eye on the weather and we ask our families to be a bit flexible with the schedule so we can dodge a thunderstorm or start a little early to work in heavy cloud cover.

It’s always a good idea to bring some mosquito repellent to your outdoor family pictures. Those pesky insects can make a session a challenge. Some people don’t like he DEET in traditional repellent and I’ve found that Bounce Dryer Sheets work well. I stick some in my hat and in my shirt collar. I also put some in my pockets and leave them dangling out so the scent fills the air around me.

That may work well for the photographer but it doesn’t really provide a good look for those in the photographs. LOL. But a quick google search for alternative mosquito repellents can provide a lot of good information, giving you options and helping you be prepared for your family portrait session.

We’ll also talk about clothing options prior to your session so you can know what kinds of things to avoid and what to consider when making clothing choices. You can see some examples on this family picture┬ásite.

Family Pictures Wisconsin Illinois

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