A Boy and His Cat!

Hookstead_Payton FBPayton and I were having fun at his home. We were making for him some great senior portraits. With is mom looking on, one of the farm cats was interested in the action, but only intermittently. She popped in and out of the set, photobombing at will. Payton is a home school student and an accomplished archer, among other talents.

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Beloit Turner HS Senior

Here are a few more photos of Nick in his Tux. We’ll show some other things soon. Nick is a great kid and a good model. We appreciate that he chose Crave Photography to create his once in a lifetime senior portraits. Check out our new discounted senior portrait packages. Several full packages are priced under $495. Call 608-365-0236 or visit our web site. www.cravephoto.com

Nick O_7695 urban Nick O_7749 Nick O_7852 Urban Nick O_7915 BAMF Nick O_Bridge 1

More of Nick

I’ll post more of Nick’s photos over the next few days. These again, were done during Nick’s prom. We took a few the next day too, before he had to turn in his rented Tuxedo. We had a fun time getting these made. Nick’s mom and dad were along for the journey as well. These are all part of he high school senior portraits. I’ve got some great ideas for his other outfits too. More tomorrow.

Nick O 7833 HCHK Nick O_7680 urban Nick O_7878 acid

Wally’s Boy

This Harlem High School Senior is the son of a childhood friend of my family. It’s always fun to see the next generation come of age. The Harlem Huskies had another very good football season in 2012.  Hayden was part of the fun. We show him here sporting the new uniform used in 2012 for the first time. Enjoy. Visit our web site here.